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Paradigmatic of all large-lot production, low part cost and total cost of ownership drive the automotive industry. Peiseler rotary tables and trunnions are high productive solutions with integral clamping systems, durable and reliable in continuous multi-shift operations

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Precision manufacturing

The geometry and precision of a dividing head is not only important at delivery but particularly during manufacturing and especially after many years of production. The geometry is reflected on the piece part and hereunto Peiseler has many references at prominent manufacturers.

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Energy industry

No other industry can compare to its product range, from small turbine blades to very heavy turbine shafts. The Peiseler products range from 80mm to 2,000mm housings. Supplemental accessories such as Trunnion support bearings, Tailstocks, Steady rests, and Roller blocks are part of our product offering.

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Medical manufacturing

Small precision instruments, titanium and cobalt chromium implants, specialized metal alloy dentures, plastic braces or screws and implants from bio-chemical materials are cut on Peiseler single or multi axis units. Applications range from simple positioning to simultaneous multi-axis machining. Mill-turn solutions are part of Peiseler's successful installations.

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The stock removal rate while processing parts that shed greater than ninety percent of their raw part weight poses particular demands on Peiseler dividing heads.

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Mold industry

Mold making at first glance is characterized by continuous highly dynamic moves in all linear and rotary axis. Further evaluation shows a high mechanical accuracy eliminates control comp calculations. This enables faster and more accurate motions, resulting in a top quality surface finish and an accurate geometry.

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tool manufacturing

Multi-axis dividing heads from Peiseler, some with integrated spindles, are used in tool manufacturing. A finished product can be produced with six sided machining of bar stock in one operation.

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Peiseler precision machines

Indexing devices and rotary tilt tables with top precision

peiseler dividing heads

Rotary tablestrunnions and 2 axis rotary tilt units shall have the best possible technical characteristics in the smallest possible space, is the principle model for our dividing heads -engineering -manufacturing -and assembly. 

Peiseler has shaped the future with many developments in the dividing head market, Peiseler direct drive tables were introduced in 1997. Excellent components for reliable operation and longevity combine with design innovation and an organized manufacturing process for an economical investment for your production. 

37,500 successful installations in series-production and special purpose machines is our best reference.

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