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Contract machining and contract assembly

Small and medium-sized lot sizes are our specialty

Whether you have a need for that special machining operation that requires exacting tolerance or need help with your work overflow, Peiseler knowhow and high grade production capacity can help with your contract machining and assembly requirements.

Gain a competitive advantage by allowing Peiseler to help you with your need for

  • turning
  • grinding
  • drilling
  • milling
  • heat treating
  • inspection
  • burnishing
  • finishing/painting
  • mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical assembly
  • procuring raw or purchase material

Along with our expert knowledge in the field of five axis machining and turn – drill – mill processing in one clamping we offer integration of customer documents, bills of material, part codes, operation specifications / work instructions, drawings etc. into our system.

Complementing the above trade aptitude we have long-term contracts with business partners for balancing, casehardening, nitriding, surface coating, and gear cutting services.

The “one to one” management in our PPS system occurs on par with our production control and data processing of the materials administration. We would gladly convert your records and documentation requirements.

Our prominent strength is in small to mid batch sizes of precise components requiring several machining processes, as well as component assembly. In short; complex higher quality components with a reliable on time delivery.


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