Trunnion tables driven with pre-loaded gears are available in the AWR series. The employed gear wheels are spur gears or bevel wheel sets. The available installation space usually determines the selection. They are mechanically or electronically tensioned against each other and are therefore backlash-free. Their duty cycles are usually higher compared to worm gears. In this respect, gear drives are classified between worm gear drives and direct drives due to their dynamics.

frame sizes: AWR 350 – AWR 400 – AWR 520 – AWR 630 – AWR 800 – AWR 1000

ZASR 630

Within the AWR series, the following are also available:

  • Counter bearings and trunnion assemblies
  • Steady rests
  • Roller blocks
  • Substructures and baseplates

Data sheet

You will find all Frame sizes and variations in this data sheet.

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