The following chart shows specifications of two-axis rotary tilt tables with worm gear drives as well as in the table and trunnion axis. We can also design each of these two axes with alternate drive technologies. We refer to the ZASD series for direct drives and the ZASR series for gear drives. Other options are available if you require multi-spindle table axes for two-axis rotary tilt tables. The spindle pitch is machine builder dictated. We would be glad to explain this to you personally. Of course we can make modifications for your installation space requirements.

Frame sizes: ZAS 320 – ZAS 400 – ZAS 520 – ZAS 630 – ZAS 800 – ZAS 1000 – ZAS 1250

ZAS 160

Within the ZAS series, we offer you alternative designs:

  • C axes as pallet receiver with zero-point clamping systems
  • C axis as pallet receiver in acc. with DIN 55201
  • Units with fixed, vertical housing
  • Units with linear, movable housing
  • Units without counter bearing, overhung
  • Round housing as built-in cartridge in the machine wall

Data sheet

You will find all Frame sizes and variations in this data sheet.

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