Promoting talent

Out of enthusiasm

The Peiseler gene, which channels our drive for perfection and product performance as well as the greatest precision, is the common theme that runs through our long company history. This is the motor that drives the highest motivation of Peiseler's 200 employees. We enthusiastically use our different talents and experiences as a team. The joy we have working as teams is our greatest success factor.

Out of passion

Inventions and innovations are the oldest driving force of human beings. At Peiseler, people, whose enthusiasm for technology is the drive for new solutions, take on this challenge every day.

Out of solidarity

Since the founding of Peiseler in 1819, our senses have been heightened by technological progress. This is how we have developed into the innovation leader for the series production and special design of rotary tables. Our commitment to meet production challenges is our focus.

Our headquarters

Peiseler Remscheid

Peiseler Morbach

Peiseler Grand Rapids, MI

Tradition since 1819


Peiseler is located in Remscheid on the original site where it was founded in 1819 as a manufacturer of files and rasps. The Morsbach brook powered the waterwheel and it still flows thru the property. Progress brought a steam engine with a boastful 180Hp, the case clock from the factory is proudly displayed in the lobby.

What should be described as ghoulishness led to the development of a true mechanical rasp impact machine, in 1906 these machines were already exported to South America.

In the '30s we developed our measuring tool and measuring fixture building capability, these measuring instruments were supplied to the automotive industry after the war.

1942 was the year Peiseler built the first precision dividing heads and automated rotary tables.

The first hydraulic clamping device program followed in the '50s.

The manufacturing plant in Morbach, located 50 km east of Trier, was founded in 1966 and has undergone a continuous development. Our apprentice program is also located in Morbach training many industrial disciplines.

Direct drive tables and trunnions were introduced in 1997 and in 2001 Peiseler presented the first direct drive 2-axis rotary tilt tables.