High-quality contract work


Enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive range of production capabilities. We take care of all the work steps necessary to ensure your success with absolute precision and transparency.

With a vertical range of manufacture of 65% from the production of our indexing devices, swivel heads and multi-axis rotary tilt tables, we occupy a unique position on the market.

We also have 55 machine tools available at our plants in Remscheid and Morbach to meet all your complex production needs.

Our 170 skilled employees work hard to make sure that your quality and deadline expectations are met every time. We are also certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and deliver maximum precision at every stage of the process.

Peisfect contract work.

Our production disciplines



Machining of workpieces up to a diameter of 750 mm with a length of 1500 mm or a maximum diameter of 2200 mm with a length of up to 400 mm.



External, internal and circular grinding up to a diameter of 1200 mm and a weight of 1000 kg.



Machining of workpieces with a width of up to 2600 mm, a height of up to 2100 mm and a depth of up to 2100 mm, as well as a maximum weight of up to seven tonnes, with 5-axis machining.



Air-conditioned measuring rooms with bridge coordinate measuring machines, measuring up to a length of 2400 mm, a width of 1200 mm and a height of 1000 mm.

Why to choose Peiseler

  • Manufacture of individual parts and prototypes in small to medium batch sizes
  • Machining on precise machines (in some cases in an air-conditioned room) by experienced, qualified employees
  • Machining of complex cubic and rotationally symmetrical components, as well as individual process steps
  • Modern 3D measurement technology in an air-conditioned measuring room
  • Complete integration of planning and documentation
  • Our ERP and APS system for precise adherence to deadlines and maximum transparency, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

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