Precision as added value

No more.
No less.

There is no such thing as the subjunctive when it comes to precision. No should, would, could.
That’s why we think in concrete solutions.
No ifs or buts. Because Peiseler is precision. And precision is Peiseler.

That is the principle that we base our day-to-day work on — and have done for over 200 years.


We are pioneers, we are innovators, we set the benchmark for international precision mechanical engineering. That’s what we are and what we will remain, because we are continuously and successfully reinventing ourselves. Because we combine our experience with cutting-edge ideas. And because we put our heart and soul into finding the perfect solution.

Everything that we create is peiseler-proved.

We manufacture every single product with absolute precision — it’s our passion.

Insights into our company
CEO with the management team from Peiseler
From left: Stefan Gaschik, Head of Sales; Marc Gronau, Head of Marketing; Marcel Fechtner, Commercial director; Arnd Kulaczewski, CEO; Olaf Schaupp, General manager; Axel Lischke, Plant manager & authorized signatory; Ali Caliskan, After Sales Service Manager
It’s the people at Peiseler who make our ideas and our promises a reality. Precisely. Efficiently. Reliably.  
Arnd Kulaczewski, CEO with the management team from Peiseler

Our expertise.
Your added value.

Practical digital know-how

The exceptionally high level of digitalisation in our planning, processing and production ensures optimum process reliability for colleagues and customers alike.

We combine technological mechanical engineering expertise with practical, digital know-how. This is what will enable us to continue developing and offering intelligent, networked drive systems, digital product features and services in the future.

Lived customer focus

It is particularly important to us that we maintain a close relationship with our customers. We want to genuinely understand our customers: Their technical requirements and the emotional needs of our direct contact partners are a key priority.

We are convinced that this is the only way to provide professional and empathetic advice and develop precisely tailored, individual solutions — throughout the entire product life.

Profound understanding of the market

We monitor and analyse current market developments and future trends. We keep a close eye on our competitors. We know the requirements for our products.

Based on all this information, we regularly define strategic courses of action. We assess these options and proactively drive our development forward with new products, services and business models.

In-depth technological expertise

We have mastered technology at the highest level. 200 years of experience, expertise gained from over 60,000 individual installations in the field, an above-average vertical range of manufacture, highly qualified employees and state-of-the-art development and production are impressive proof of this.

We are constantly driving our technological progress forward with our own experiments and prototype development, as well as in cooperation with universities.

Industries that inspire.

Whether it is safety-relevant dimensional accuracy, optimised processing times or a longer-than-average service life: Our indexing devices fulfil our customers’ requirements.

Everything that we do is shaped by an in-depth understanding. Of the technical challenges our customers face, but also of their drive to design and create solutions for complex tasks.

It brings us together. It requires loyalty and trust. Not for the sake of expediency, but driven by necessity and the knowledge that the only way to achieve shared goals is by working together.

That is why we see our customers as development partners, with one unifying, indivisible aim: customer satisfaction.

To achieve this aim as a partnership, we need to work as equals and have trust in each other. We are grateful that our partners have shown this trust in us for decades.

Taking one step further into the future every day.
For over 200 years. 

Peiseler reliably creates new solutions — day after day. This has made us a leading global driving force behind technology in precision mechanical engineering — a role that we are proud to hold and at the same time demands continuous improvement. 

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Precise and binding
Certificates & memberships

Peiseler has been a member of these strong associations for more than 80 years:

VDW Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
Frankfurt am Main

VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau e.V.
Frankfurt am Main

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