Innovative and reliable from experience.

We find the right tailor-made solutions for our customers – every time and in every project, even if your technical requirements go beyond the market standard. 

To do so, we draw on all our expertise. Our process knowledge and technological know-how in precision mechanical engineering, combined with our in-depth understanding of the market and its requirements, give our designs the edge – in terms of quality, price and function. Our products significantly increase machine availability and reliability for a more flexible and diverse production process. 

Digitalised processes
for production and development.

From the plan to the
right solution.

Innovative technologies and components developed in house

Peiseler products are built primarily using components and technologies that we've designed in house. This enables us to deliver on our quality promise in a transparent way, now and in the future. Our patents position us as leaders in the precision mechanical engineering industry – and we're adding new and improved components each year. 

Bearing technology

  • Standard applications use all common axial and radial bearings

  • Bearings also designed and produced in house

  • In-house parts and purchased parts

  • Design and service life calculations for combined ball and cylinder roller bearings as required.

  • Our flexibility and many years of expertise enable us to find the right design for your application.

The benefits for you

  • Solutions developed in partnership with well-known bearing manufacturers

  • Low space requirements

  • Cooling concepts and temperature monitoring can be integrated at the bearing location

  • Careful selection of components to increase power density and rigidity

  • Components optimised for low friction and high speeds

  • Selection of the best bearing concept for the process

Rotary manifolds

We build rotary manifolds for air, water, cooling lubricant or oil up to 250 bar pressure. We have developed low-friction seals in rotary manifolds to meet the demands of the mould-forming industry and high-speed axis applications. We work with our suppliers to develop special lines of seals with an optimum sealing performance. Coated manifold shafts withstand the loads of the dynamic, continuous movements common in free-form surface production.

The benefits for you

  • Developed in house/maximum design flexibility

  • Can be adapted to suit any requirements

  • Nested design available

  • Maximum availability/process reliability

  • Low-maintenance

  • Compatible with a wide range of media

  • All core assemblies from a single source!

Passive clamp

Our highly responsive, patented axial clamp is designed for low distortion. The clamp – which activates with a pressure of 60 bar and is open when de-energised – reduces the span-to-span time. Thanks to its design and targeted force flow, the clamp increases the rigidity and damping capacity of the subdevice, which in turn promotes a longer tool life and protects the surface of the workpieces. The material combination is designed to ensure a long service life, minimise maintenance costs and reduce downtime.

Active clamp

Our patented spring-preloaded, hydraulically actuated axial active clamp reliably grips the axis in a matter of milliseconds. It is ideal for use as a safety clamp in horizontal axis configurations, and is operated at a release pressure of 120 bar. The material combination is designed to ensure a long service life and to prevent fretting corrosion, minimising maintenance costs and reducing downtime.

Pneumatic clamp

All machine tools provide access to the pneumatic systems. Thanks to our specially developed operating principle, our pneumatic clamps boast friction torques that are virtually identical to those of hydraulic clamps.

Subdevices with 6 bar pneumatic clamping can be used in any application with a compressed air supply, making them the number-one choice for customers looking for an easy and clean retrofit solution.

Hydraulic clamp

Our highly responsive, patented axial active clamp is spring-preloaded and is ideal for use as a safety clamp in horizontal axis configurations. The material combination is designed to ensure a long service life, minimise maintenance costs and reduce downtime.

Precision in action.

Peiseler rotary indexing table for electric car manufacturing

Peiseler rotary indexing tables form the centre of a rotary indexing machine with various processing stations and a loading and unloading station. One particular requirement for our design is the need to achieve a maximum power density for highly dynamic indexing times in the smallest possible installation space.

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Other special designs

We can design reliable custom subdevices for your machines using our products. 

ATU for additive manufacturing

Associated industries: Tool manufacturing, Mechanical engineering

MOBILE SMART FACTORY© for additive and subtractive manufacturing An ATU 400 with a special face plate and integrated cooling concept was used as the C axis in a WAAM weld cladding process. Think outside the box: Print parts inside a box! Thinking outside the box and exploring new ideas were top of the agenda during …

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High-tech positioning for technology of the future

Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

ZATC 300 complete with special face plate and integrated cooling concept used for workpiece mounting in a WAAM weld cladding process As an innovative partner, we like to explore pioneering new paths – so back in 2015, we started to develop solutions with the additive manufacturing sector. ​ In  wire  arc  additive  …

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Modified rotary tilt table for large production runs in Hyundai WIA machine tool from ARO-tec

Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

Remscheid, December 2020 – Suppliers to the automotive industry work under enormous cost pressures and in a highly competitive market – something that contract manufacturing company AVCI in Solingen knows all too well. As a business that focuses primarily on the automotive sector, AVCI needs to produce in large …

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MAS 400

Direct-drive multi-axis system for the free-form milling of turbine blades

MAS 2100

Rotation changer for use in high-productivity series milling machines

PW 630

Pallet changing systems for horizontal processing times

MSS 400

Workpiece spindle for use in power skiving machines

ZAS 100

Associated industries: Micromechanical components

Two-axis rotary tilt table two-axis rotary tilt table for the watch and jewellery industry

ZASD 200

Associated industries: Energy industry

For the combined turning/milling of turbine blades

ZASP 125

Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

For grinding tools in bevel gear machines

ATD with direct drive

Associated industries: Automotive industry, Mechanical engineering

Horizontal machining centre Flexibility in the configuration of a machine tool is the key to successfully adapting to the customer's technical process requirements in any project.  We use our modular solutions to give our customers options: This milling and turning variant was designed with identical dimensions in the …

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Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

In the TGW series, a fourth axis is added to the tool changing tables. This enables the customer to use clamping plates for three-sided machining, without needing to reclamp the workpiece – reducing retooling times and boosting workpiece precision. In positioning applications, we prefer to deploy worm gear sets; in highly dynamic simultaneous machining applications, we install direct drives. With our optional rotary manifold media supply, we provide an important component for workpiece clamping devices and automated machine tooling applications.


Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

Our top-specification workpiece changing table now incorporates a rotary swivel axis with direct drives. In combination with our high-resolution measurement systems, these highly dynamic drives enable free-form surfaces to be machined on five axes simultaneously, or allow you to perform turning and milling processes. On request, we can deliver our devices pre-assembled, tested and ready to install to minimise on-site installation time. Alternatively, we can supply all of our individually fine-tuned components as a modular kit for maximum flexibility during installation. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that all of our components and functions have been designed to work together seamlessly.


Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

Our workpiece changing table is now equipped with a rotary swivel axis for efficient five-sided workpiece machining. The rigid axial-radial bearings and clamps developed in house provide the strength required even under the most demanding machining conditions. Whether you need one or multiple spindles, we can design a configuration to suit your machine concept and workpieces.

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