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Together with our customers, we realise customised, high-quality solutions for machine tool building. Our high-quality products and technologies are designed for flexible operation and complete reliability.

From standard products to custom designs and modular retrofit solutions, we help our customers to tackle any challenge. We manufacture every single product with absolute precision. It’s our passion: Everything that we create is Peiseler-proved.

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Our subdevices are used in all kinds of milling machines. With Peiseler, you get the best solution for your machines – from precise workpiece positioning during processing, to optimal use of your milling tools and regulation of power and heat flows in the machine itself. We are your reliable, experienced partner for heavy-duty cutting and precision mechanical engineering.



Whether you're turning delicate small components or producing huge turbine shafts: Peiseler's portfolio is sure to include the right Nc-supported solution for any batch size. When it comes to precision, our products set new benchmarks. Innovative drive technologies ensure just the right feed rate in turning applications. Tools are guided with perfect precision for a high-quality end result.



In drilling applications, Peiseler subdevices are designed to position and rotate drilling tools and workpieces at just the right angle. Our sophisticated chuck, spindle and drive combination enables you to produce even the most complex radial or axially parallel holes with absolute precision. The specially designed housing allows the heat generated during processing to be redirected in a useful way.



When it comes to coupling, the functionality and quality of the end product depend entirely on the precision of the production process. Our subdevices allow you to process workpieces in a variety of alignments for a wide range of applications – from the smallest micro-engineered components to robust, heavy-duty parts. We have a solution that will meet all your form, function and configuration requirements for your end product.



Our subdevices enable you to achieve exactly the dimensions and shape you require in grinding processes. Perfect results require reliable workpiece positioning and high-precision power and heat flows. For many years, Peiseler has been setting new benchmarks in surface quality. We customise our subdevices to perfectly meet the requirements of your machines and machining centres.


Additive manufacturing

Whether you need maximum flexibility for rapid prototyping, or consistently high levels of precision for production on a larger scale: Our subdevices enable you to overcome all of the challenges of additive manufacturing, producing even complex component geometries and unusual sizes to the highest standards of quality. Our aim is to combine all machining steps into a single, flexible process.

The best for your machines

Modularity – Our housing features a modular design, enabling you to position the drive motors on the left or the right of each coupling depending on the space available, with the option to add an adapter drive – making our devices even more flexible

Reliability – All key components are checked at multiple stations during the production process, with functional tests completed on every component before delivery. This process ensures high reliability and a low returns rate, saving you time and money

Rigidity – Spacious, FEM-optimised housing structures provide exactly the right levels of rigidity and damping for your process – so you can achieve an even better cut and surface quality

Simplicity – Our installation-ready devices come adapted to your machine interface, making assembly easier and saving you time

Durability – Opting for low-maintenance, high-quality components reduces maintenance and servicing costs and ensures high machine availability for longer

Accessibility – During the design process, we've focused on making our devices easy to assemble, with good access to components – reducing repair costs in the event of damage

Robustness – Peiseler's hydraulic and pneumatic clamps are replaceable, with high holding torques and fast response times. Our carefully selected materials reduce susceptibility to corrosion and prevent fretting even in extreme conditions. This results in high torques and a long service life – as well as contributing to high machine availability.

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