Your apprenticeship at Peiseler

Every year, Peiseler looks for motivated young talent who are enthusiastic about precision in mechanical engineering. The best time to apply is in the autumn. If we are impressed by your application, we will invite you to complete a test so we can get to know you better. If we are a good fit, you’ve made it and are now part of the Peiseler family.

We are looking for apprentices in the following roles:

Industrial mechanic

As an industrial mechanic, you keep machines and equipment ready for operation. Your responsibilities include turning, milling and grinding, as well as mounting, adjusting and checking parts.

Cutting mechanic

As a cutting mechanic, you manufacture precision parts using cutting processes.
You generally work with CNC machine tools, which you set up. You also monitor the manufacturing process. 

Warehouse logistics specialist

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are responsible for receiving and checking goods, and ensuring that they are stored properly. You pack, load and dispatch goods and create the relevant delivery notes. You also perform inventories. 

Your benefits


Fair pay

With us, you receive remuneration in line with the collectively agreed wage for the metal and electrical industry even during your apprenticeship, as well as 30 days’ leave and 55 percent of the Christmas allowance from the first year of your apprenticeship. There is also the option of investing in your old-age provision, which we support with a 15% subsidy of the total contribution and an additional AVWL subsidy.


Good preparation

Benefit from exceptional training and great preparation for exams in line with the relevant training guidelines thanks to the support of our qualified trainers and our cooperation with fantastic training centres. When the time comes to put your skills to the test, you will be ready.


Great team spirit

We organise a team meeting for all the apprentices at our plants in Remscheid and Morbach once a year. The trainers and company management also attend, and look forward to engaging with you on a professional level. This helps to ensure that our apprenticeships remain a cooperative experience and strengthens the feeling of togetherness within the company.


Modern facilities

Depending on your educational requirements, you will be given your own tablet for your apprenticeship. We also have a separate training room, which you can use to take breaks with your fellow apprentices or for support with your apprenticeship.


First-class training

Our technically outstanding products in single and small-series production provide the ideal basis for your future career.



Our bonus scheme promotes good results in interim and final exams. We also reward the best apprentices in an academic year.


We offer school pupils the opportunity to gain an insight into the various occupational fields on an internship. We would also be happy to speak to you about the different training opportunities and career prospects that our company offers. 

Student trainees 

We also offer students the opportunity to complete voluntary or mandatory internships with us. Students also have the option of completing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis with us in cooperation with the university and our expert employees. 

Apprenticeship positions

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