Indexing devices and rotary tilt tables with top precision

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Peiseler dividing heads

Rotary tables, trunnions and 2 axis rotary tilt units shall have the best possible technical characteristics in the smallest possible space, is the principle model for our dividing heads -engineering -manufacturing -and assembly.

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Trunnion tables

Trunnion tables have a longitudinal or horizontal rotational axis.

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The standing or vertical rotational axes are characteristic of the tables.

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Two-axis rotary tilt tables

Rotary tables with two rotational axes, usually arranged perpendicularly, allow for five-axis workpiece machining in machining centres.

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Swivel heads

Swivel heads are NC heads with integrated tool spindles.

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Workpiece changing tables

Loading and unloading during machining are possible thanks to the 180-degree pendulum workpiece changing tables.

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For your industry

The diversity of application possibilities place Peiseler dividing heads in various industrial fields. Whether it's automotive, precision machining, energy or medical, Peiseler satisfies due to ultimate precision, fast and efficient part processing.

Designed for your requirements

Special Designs

We build optimal solutions within a limited workspace. This saves on the investment in a larger, more expensive machine tool. We offer competitive solutions and our compact design will pay for itself.

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