New partnership in China

Peiseler now with exclusive service

Peiseler is pleased to announce an exciting partnership that takes our service to a new level.

We have gained a new service partner in China, Tianjin GMS Machine Tool Service Co., Ltd. , who will provide exclusive support for our customers. This cooperation enables us to offer our customers significant added value by guaranteeing them faster and more efficient local service.

With our new partner, we are even better prepared to meet the individual needs of our customers and provide them with an outstanding experience. GMS Machine Tool Service now offers the full range of services exclusively in China, from spare and wear parts sales to service technicians, repair work and replacement equipment.

The factory-trained and well-qualified staff will be able to carry out necessary maintenance and repair work at the customer's premises or in the workshop in accordance with our high quality standards. In the event of a breakdown of our devices, we will ensure fast and efficient communication via our exclusive partner in the future.

We look forward to intensifying this partnership and wish everyone involved every success in its implementation.

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