The future of mobility calls.

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New technologies are becoming increasingly important to meet the growing demands for future-proof mobility. Peiseler recognized this trend early on and has already designed new positioning concepts for tomorrow. Process and efficiency  orientated. Away from the previous requirements for engine blocks, connecting rods and injection nozzles, towards alternative solutions with lightweight components and non-magnetic housings. 

Because fossil fuels are becoming increasingly less important on many levels. The situation is similar with the old requirements that mechanical engineering in the automotive sector had to meet since decades. New technologies require new solutions. 

Innovative drive concepts and designs

Ultra-light chassis designs and suspensions

Non-magnetic housing components

Mobility is changing.
Time to rethink.

 Will it be the electric motor? Will the fuel cell prevail? Is a hybrid concept the solution? Or something completely different? Whatever the drive of the future may look like, one thing is clear: The requirements are changing. And the associated precision components, which are manufactured with the help of CNC technology, are changing as well. 

 Electromobility is not only about developing powerful batteries to increase range, but also about weight savings. For this reason, the design and construction of electric vehicles are currently undergoing fundamental and continuous change. Only the highest precision can produce suitable and economical components for this purpose. 

In other words, the process requirements for machine tools, instruments, cooling lubricants and positioning axes must be redefined from scratch. In order to succeed in a highly competitive, dynamic and international market, companies must be able to respond technically adequately and- above all- quickly to the changing manufacturing requirements. 

Rotary changer for highly productive horizontal milling machines

Speed and precision redefined.

The future market will be dominated by dynamic and economical manufacturing concepts. Our efficient and durable positioning solutions and individually designed drive systems are not only indispensable for this, but also decisive in terms of precision and speed. Quality and production time are primarily determined by the positioning and guidance of tools and workpieces. Especially for high-volume production, our rotary changers are the ideal solution to ensure fast placement and production. 

variable clamping solutions

dynamic direct drives

Positioning concepts as new high performers.

 Our solutions mainly use self-developed parts and components. In this way we guarantee first-hand quality and durability. 

The same applies to our drives. Our direct drives, which we also use for the rotary changers, are particularly suited to the requirements of the automotive industry. They enable exceptionally dynamic and permanently constant movements when machining workpieces. 

Our rotary/swivel axes can be individually equipped with individual workpiece fixtures for the most flexible use. 

With Peiseler, the positioning concepts for your machines are not only in line with requirements and up to date, but also guarantee optimum performance and maximum output - even with highly dynamic market developments. 

As a development partner, we are at your side and thus always in the middle of the action - where it counts: 

Your machines: Right in the centre of success.

Let us work together to prepare your machines for the future of mobility. Let us work together to secure your competitive advantage. Let us find tomorrow's solutions together.  

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