Cost drivers

Production cost is based on investment and operation expense. Comparing the two shows: The costs involved running a system have a much higher percentage. This is because the sum of the values of all workpieces to be machined is considerable over the life of a machine tool. The highest priority is to ensure the quality of the workpieces and machine tool availability. In the negative case, the operating costs will increase disproportionately.

Practical experience

It is confirmed time and time again: good quality at an acceptable price is the best guarantee for success. We feel committed to this – our warranty costs over the past years are stable at about 0.5 percent of turnover. This is an above-average value within our industry.


We rely on proven components. We at Peiseler have, for example, in house expertise for the design and production of axial/radial pre-loaded roller bearings up to a diameter of 1,095 mm.

Rotary manifolds

We build rotary manifolds for air, water, cooling lubricant or oil up to 500 bar pressure. Controlled and uncontrolled rotary manifolds are included in our product portfolio. We have developed low-friction seals in rotary manifolds to meet the demands of mould forming industry. Coated manifolds shafts withstand the loads of dynamic, continuous movements common in free-form surface production.


Direct drives are not self-locking. In the event of a power failure, the position must be held. In an emergency stop situation, the patented active clamping from Peiseler depressurizes and locks the unit within milliseconds. The position remains fixed: uncontrolled movements are prevented. The material combination prevents the seizing of contact surfaces. The ATC and ZATC product series achieve the same holding moments with 6 bar of air pressure as hydraulically actuated clamping. This Peiseler patented pneumatic clamping functions mechanically without a hydraulic pressure intensifier.

Hirth couplings

Peiseler designs and produces Hirth couplings as a component of rotary tables, spindles and as a centring coupling for the force transmission of shafts. Our product portfolio includes Hirth sets made of two rings for the lifting mode of operation and three rings for non-lifting mode of operation. High-quality steels and their heat treatment allow the integration of bearing running surfaces or other mechanical elements. Peiseler primarily delivers Hirth couplings according to customer specifications.

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