Worm gears

Peiseler uses three-piece worm gears, a well-known design developed by Ott. These gears consist of a worm wheel and a two-piece worm, the shank worm and hollow worm. During assembly, we adjust the gear so it is backlash-free. Readjusting the worm during its service life is simple with a commercially-available mounting tool. The design advantages are a compact gear ratio, high mechanical precision and the control’s excellent regulatory quality. Heat limits the duty cycle.

Direct Drives

Direct drives allow very dynamic and continous movements, and with this, ever emerging machining concepts. Peiseler took the lead in this technology as early as 1997 with the development of the first rotary table with a direct drive, just as it did with the first two-axis rotary tilt table with direct drive 2001. Today, we are in the technologically leading position to offer you direct drives for turning operations in S1 continuous milling together. This allows Peiseler´s development to use machining centres more flexibly. Direct drives use very sensitives control technology and place high demands on energy supply



Peiseler offers rotary tables with pre-loaded gear sets with spur or bevel gearing. The available space determines the design; usually a multi-stage solution of one of the two alternatives. Compared to the worm gears, gear drives are more complex due to the multi-stage design. Elimination of backlash is achieved by mechanically or electronically tensioning of two drive trains. The high torques, speeds and duty cycles are advantageous. Based on their characteristics, gear drives are classified between worm gears and direct drives

Hirth couplings

Peiseler designs and produces lifting and non-lifting Hirth couplings for indexing processes. NC operation with this technology is not possible. Hirth couplings transfer very high loads, particularly tangential moments. They have a very high positioning repeatability. In the non-lifting variant, the rotary tables are designed with an axially fixed bearing. The faceplate remains in position axially during all movement sequences with this special design. Designs with lifting Hirth coupling lift the faceplate by a few millimetres for turning.

Electrics & Electronics

For all drive variants, we put our trust in the drive technology, sensor systems and controls. At Peiseler, we project, operate and program the electrical equipment and electronics in house. We offer you a separate control for each NC rotary table. We integrate all sensor systems, special designs and optimize the process parameters. The heat input by the direct drives is dissipated by our specially designed cooling systems. The DDC 1000 temperature monitor for direct drives from Peiseler has just been brought to market. The galvanic isolated measuring card monitors up to six temperature sensors, evaluates these and forwards the relevant signals to the control.

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