Focussing objectives

The best in sight

The distinct trend toward performance density in technology and in the company lead us to strive for maximum performance. We keep our eye on quality, delivery dates and price for all products. Peiseler customers get added value in their production, the reliability of our products in operation and our quick service are the essential pillars for this.

Technologically comprehensive

Direct drive, worm gears, pre-loaded gear drives and Hirth couplings are known technologies. We have built each variant with numerous installations. We will advise you comprehensively with our great experience regarding the advantages of each individual technology in respect to your respective applications.

Our technologies

Sizes and series

We produce single-axis and multi-axis rotary tables with faceplates ranging from 80 to 3,500 mm, with net weights up to 22,000 kg. We offer more than 80 basic variants for your selection, and the optimal solutions for component production or for highly productive machining lines.

Our products

Series products and special designs

We will find the right solution for your tasks. Our experience in series production will guarantee your competitiveness. A tailored design from Peiseler will provide a solution to your problem quickly and reliably. We are pleased to meet these demands every day. For this purpose, we at Peiseler have developed and optimized our workflow procedures, order management and equipment for all conceivable requirements.

Special Designs