The AWD series are trunnion tables with integrated direct drives. These allow for the dynamic, continuous machining of workpieces. The technical design of direct drives in trunnion tables is done taking narrower requirements into account than for mechanical gears. For milling applications, the design criteria is high torque; for turning applications it is high speed.

Frame sizes: AWD 100 – AWD 160 – AWD 200 – AWD 280 – AWD 355 – AWD 400 – AWD 520

WWD 400

Within the AWD series, the following are also available:

  • Counter bearings and trunnion assemblies
  • Steady rests
  • Roller blocks
  • Substructures and baseplates
  • Clamping chucks, collet chucks
  • Multi-spindle combinations

Data sheet

You will find all Frame sizes and variations in this data sheet.

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