Trunnion tables with worm gear drives

The AWU trunnion tables series is equipped with a horizontal rotation axis and a vertical face plate for machining larger workpieces and for heavy-duty cutting applications. Driven by a worm gear set as standard, we can also incorporate a belt-driven adapter drive on request. The AWU series is fitted with YRT bearings, with the maximum bearing diameter forming the basis for the design. For maximum rigidity, additional support bearings are available for the rear of the housing. The cast housing is designed with thick walls and strong ribs. We would be happy to provide our design for large face plate through-hole requirements.

Technical data

Worm gear drives
Axial position
Face plate diameter
520 - 1.600 mm
Transport load
1.200 - 13.000 kg


The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

We offer a number of different design solutions within the AWU series:

  • Face plates with chucks and jaw boxes in various dimensions
  • Counter bearings and trunnion devices
  • Steady rests
  • Roller blocks
  • Setup of AWU trunnion tables on ATU tables for five-axis machine tools
  • Linear axes as substructure
  • Multi-spindle combinations
  • Rotary manifolds

Size comparison

AWU 520 AWU 630 AWU 800 A AWU 800 B AWU 1000 AWU 1250 AWU 1600
Min. face plate diameter in mm 520 670 800 800 1.030 1.270 1.600
Transport load on face plate in kg 1.200 2.000 3.000 3.500 6.000 9.000 13.000
Bearing diameter in mm 450 x 325 525 x 395 600 x 460 750 x 580 870 x 650 1.095 x 850 1.300 x 1.030
Max. workpiece mass inertia in kgm² 740 1.200 1.700 3.100 5.400 9.600 24.000
Max. face plate torque in Nm 5.000 10.000 14.000 25.000 27.500 40.000 140.000

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Drive type

Worm gear drives

Peiseler uses three-piece worm gears, a well-known design developed by Ott. These gears consist of a worm wheel and a two-piece worm, the shank worm and hollow worm. During assembly, we adjust the gear so it is backlash-free. Readjusting the worm during its service life is simple with a commercially available mounting tool. The design advantages are a compact gear ratio, high mechanical precision and the control's excellent regulatory quality. Heat limits the duty cycle.

The benefits for you

  • Simple commissioning/easy installation

  • Easily adjustable worm gear

  • Maximum drive moment and low backlash

  • Self-braking (safety feature)

  • Cost-effective solution for positioning applications

Application examples

AWU 1250 used to manufacture turbine shafts

Associated industries: Energy industry

A clamping device comprised of the AWU 1250 with worm gear drive and face plate with integrated jaw boxes for easy workplace centring. 360:1 drive reduction for a maximum face place torque of up to 38,000 for dynamic turbine shaft positioning. Production of steam and gas turbine shafts Integrated into a vertical …

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