The ZATC series are two-axis rotary tilt tables which are based on the ATC series. The modular character of the ZATC is ensured by the cubic housing shape of the ATC rotary tables. In the same way, we carried over the variety of options and offer this for various requirements. The pneumatic or hydraulic media supply of the table axis can be conducted through the rotary manifold in the mounting flange. It continues via the rotary manifold of the trunnion table axis into the central supply of the machine. The two-axis rotary tilt tables are available with one and multiple spindles. Designs with and without a counter bearing are available. The set-up in the machine tool can be realized via base plates or substructures, depending on the application requirements.

Frame sizes: ZATC 125 – ZATC 160 – ZATC 250 – ZATC 300

ZATC 125

Within the series, we ask that you contact us if you:

  • require special housing adaptations for your application
  • would like to set up multi-spindle table axes
  • are planning combinations from other drive technologies within the ZATC series

Data sheet

You will find all Frame sizes and variations in this data sheet.

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