NC rotary swivel axis with worm gear drive as a retrofit solution

The ZATC series is comprised of two-axis rotary tilt tables based on the ATC series. Thanks to the cubic housing shape of the ATC subdevices, the ZATC is a fully modular solution. The series also offers the same high levels of flexibility as the ATC line, and can be adapted to suit various requirements. The pneumatic or hydraulic media supply to the table axis can be routed through the rotary manifold in the mounting flange. It continues via the rotary manifold of the trunnion table axis into the central supply system of the machine. The two-axis rotary tilt tables are available with one and multiple spindles. Designs with and without a counter bearing are available. The machine tool setup can be realised via base plates or substructures, depending on the requirements of your application.

Technical data

Worm gear drives
Axial position
Face plate diameter
140 - 260 mm
Transport load
50 - 200 kg


The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

Size comparison

ZATC 125 ZATC 160 ZATC 250 ZATC 300
Min. face plate diameter in mm 140 160 200 260
Transport load on face plate in kg 50 100 150 200
Max. axis tilting moment in Nm 400 1.000 2.700 3.500
A axis bearing diameter in mm 1.000 1.600 2.500 4.000
C axis bearing diameter in mm 600 1.000 1.600 2.500

Drive type

Worm gear drives

Peiseler uses three-piece worm gears, a well-known design developed by Ott. These gears consist of a worm wheel and a two-piece worm, the shank worm and hollow worm. During assembly, we adjust the gear so it is backlash-free. Readjusting the worm during its service life is simple with a commercially available mounting tool. The design advantages are a compact gear ratio, high mechanical precision and the control's excellent regulatory quality. Heat limits the duty cycle.

The benefits for you

  • Simple commissioning/easy installation

  • Easily adjustable worm gear

  • Maximum drive moment and low backlash

  • Self-braking (safety feature)

  • Cost-effective solution for positioning applications

Application examples

High-tech positioning for technology of the future

Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

ZATC 300 complete with special face plate and integrated cooling concept used for workpiece mounting in a WAAM weld cladding process As an innovative partner, we like to explore pioneering new paths – so back in 2015, we started to develop solutions with the additive manufacturing sector. ​ In  w ire  a rc  a dditive  …

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