Sensor module SSM 1000 for rotary tables

The cloud-based innovation

Experience the next level of Industry 4.0 - with the SSM 1000! Our innovative and precise sensor box for comprehensive and individual condition monitoring - right in the middle of the action: directly in the rotary table. To increase the productivity of a machine tool, our sensor module offers numerous application possibilities and makes data transmission child's play thanks to cloud streaming via LTE module!

Take the next step in process optimization with Peiseler and reduce unproductive downtime, avoid overload situations and increase your productivity in the long term thanks to the SSM 1000.

Benefit from numerous advantages


Precise temperature measurement

Accuracy in recording bearing temperatures on the standing ring to increase control and efficiency


Monitoring of operating times

Seamless duty cycle tracking to optimize operational planning


Embedded Microcontroller

The SSM evaluates raw data from the sensors using statistical methods and passes logical state information to the machines PLC



The onboard memory allows logging of data when a predefined trigger has been fired.


Performance review

The module identifies performance reserves and limits to increase productivity and operational excellence


Intelligent alerting systems

Easy definition of warning thresholds and shutdown temperatures for timely action in critical situations


Crash detection

Increased safety standards to reliably detect collisions and protect machines and processes


Tool condition monitoring

Implementation of tool wear and breakage monitoring plans to optimize machine use and durability.

The right interface for every application.

The sensor box has a plug interface (M12 standard) for the power supply with 24V as well as an Ethernet connection and two connections for additional external sensors.

The microcontroller can be taught application specific, you don't have to bother with the evaluation of the raw sensor data.

The module is also equipped with LED indicators that provide information about the functional readiness of the device and indicate whether predefined measured values are within the target range - for full control in your process flows.

Revolutionize your production data acquisition - with the SSM 1000!

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