6x temperature evaluation for PT 1000, KTY 84 and PTC thermistor sensors. DDC 1000 modules monitor up to 6 sensors at the same time. They also allow different sensor types, such as PTC thermistors and PT 1000, to be connected and evaluated. The 3-phase winding temperature can be monitored in torque motors and linear motors. 

The Peiseler DDC 1000 therefore passes the highest resistance value of up to 6 motor coils on to the control unit’s temperature input. For safe monitoring Several warning levels exist. 

At >100 °C, the DDC activates the warning output, at over 130 °C the error output. 

If the PTC temperature sensor reports that the threshold of 4000 Ω has been exceeded, the analogue output is simultaneously set to 150 °C. 

Every single case can be precisely tracked and is displayed by an LED on the DDC 1000. 

Applications of the DDC 1000: 

  • Galvanic isolation: in line with the Low-Voltage Directive 
  • Precise temperature monitoring: monitoring all motor windings prevents the motor from overheating even in challenging operating conditions 
  • Universal: all motor manufacturers with relevant sensors 
  • Safety: can evaluate 3x KTY and PTC drilling simultaneously 
  • Flexible: different sensor configurations can be selected using a dip switch 
  • Inputs: 6x temperature sensors (KTY, PTC drilling, PT1000) 
  • Outputs: 1 x analogue (KTY emulator) / 2 x digital (warning/error signal) 
  • Protection classification: IP 20 

Technical data

Direct drive Galaxie® drive

The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

Circuit diagram/dimension sheet 

Drive type

Direct drive

Direct drives allow highly dynamic and continuous movement and with this, a constant flow of new machining concepts. Peiseler took the lead in this technology as early as 1997 with the development of the world's first subdevice with a direct drive, just as it did with the first two-axis rotary tilt table with a direct drive in 2001. Today, we are in the technologically leading position to offer you direct drives for turning operations in S1 continuous milling. Increasing machine speed while maintaining bearing rigidity at a level that is also suitable for milling enables us to combine turning and milling applications. This allows Peiseler's development engineers to use machining centres more flexibly. Direct drives use very sensitive control technology and place high demands on energy supply.

The benefits for you

  • Highly dynamic, precise control

  • Speed variability

  • Simultaneous machining, turning and grinding all possible

  • Symmetrical design reduces space requirements

  • Low-maintenance

  • Not susceptible to overload and crashes

Drive type

Galaxie® drive

This redesigned drive train is primarily used in swivel axes in our two-axis rotary tilt tables up to ZASG 400 size. In this innovative concept, the torsion and backlash-free Galaxie® drive is combined with a torque motor, optimising the value for money of your machine.

Ideal for five-axis machining of lightweight structural components. A spring-actuated active clamp secures the axis and ensures that it is brought to a controlled stop in the event of a fault.

The benefits for you

  • Reduced heat generation across the entire machine thanks to high level of efficiency

  • Reducing the starting torque enables us to use smaller drive components, which means that the control cabinet takes up less space

  • The weight reduction of around 26% compared to direct drive axes results in a more dynamic performance when used on a linear axis

  • All of this results in a long-term reduction in the total cost of ownership

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