Workpiece changing table with dynamic electric drive

We opted to integrate an electric drive train into the latest generation of our workpiece changing tables. During the development of the brand-new drive train, our priorities were efficiency and speed, with the aim of reducing downtime to increase your machine output and reduce unit costs. High-torque servo motors combined with backlash-free reducing gears set a dynamic new standard and reduce cycle times by up to 50% compared to the pneumatically driven WW series.

Technical data

Hirth couplings
Axial position

The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

Drive type

Hirth couplings

Peiseler designs and produces lifting and non-lifting Hirth couplings for indexing processes. NC operation is not possible with this technology. Hirth couplings transfer very high loads, particularly tangential moments. They have a very high positioning repeatability. In the non-lifting variant, the rotary tables are designed with an axially fixed bearing. With this special design, the face plate remains in position axially during all movement sequences. Designs with a lifting Hirth coupling lift the face plate by a few millimetres for turning.

The benefits for you

  • Various spacings available up to 360 teeth/1°

  • Manufactured in house and can be adapted to any installation space

  • Form-fitting for maximum mechanical positioning precision & repeatability

  • Maximum rigidity in drive train

  • Combined with generously proportioned cast housings for an optimum damping performance

  • All core assemblies from a single source!

Application examples


Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

In the TGW series, a fourth axis is added to the tool changing tables. This enables the customer to use clamping plates for three-sided machining, without needing to reclamp the workpiece – reducing retooling times and boosting workpiece precision. In positioning applications, we prefer to deploy worm gear sets; in highly dynamic simultaneous machining applications, we install direct drives. With our optional rotary manifold media supply, we provide an important component for workpiece clamping devices and automated machine tooling applications.


Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

Our workpiece changing table is now equipped with a rotary swivel axis for efficient five-sided workpiece machining. The rigid axial-radial bearings and clamps developed in house provide the strength required even under the most demanding machining conditions. Whether you need one or multiple spindles, we can design a configuration to suit your machine concept and workpieces.


Associated industries: Tool manufacturing

Our top-specification workpiece changing table now incorporates a rotary swivel axis with direct drives. In combination with our high-resolution measurement systems, these highly dynamic drives enable free-form surfaces to be machined on five axes simultaneously, or allow you to perform turning and milling processes. On request, we can deliver our devices pre-assembled, tested and ready to install to minimise on-site installation time. Alternatively, we can supply all of our individually fine-tuned components as a modular kit for maximum flexibility during installation. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that all of our components and functions have been designed to work together seamlessly.

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