Automotive industry indexing devices

Rotary tables and trunnion tables for the automotive industry

As is typical in series production, low part costs and total cost of ownership are crucial factors in the automotive industry. Peiseler rotary tables and trunnion tables are highly productive solutions with integrated clamping systems. They are durable and reliable in continuous, multi-shift operations where the highest availability of production equipment is essential. We find every saveable second in every single workpiece, whether through fast cycle times or by reducing downtime. Every day, we are challenged to optimise installation spaces, workpiece changes and fixture changes. For us, the exacting requirements and absolute reliability called for in the automotive project business are a given, and always have been. 

Application examples

ATD with direct drive

Associated industries: Automotive industry, Mechanical engineering

Horizontal machining centre Flexibility in the configuration of a machine tool is the key to successfully adapting to the customer's technical process requirements in any project.  We use our modular solutions to give our customers options: This milling and turning variant was designed with identical dimensions in the …

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Peiseler rotary indexing table for electric car manufacturing

Associated industries: Automotive industry

Peiseler rotary indexing tables form the centre of a rotary indexing machine with various processing stations and a loading and unloading station. One particular requirement for our design is the need to achieve a maximum power density for highly dynamic indexing times in the smallest possible installation space. …

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