ATU for additive manufacturing

MOBILE SMART FACTORY© for additive and subtractive manufacturing

An ATU 400 with a special face plate and integrated cooling concept was used as the C axis in a WAAM weld cladding process.

Think outside the box: Print parts inside a box!

Thinking outside the box and exploring new ideas were top of the agenda during the development of this smart mobile production cell, which can be deployed globally to manufacture replacement parts at the exact location where they are needed.

Finely tuned functionality

As an innovative partner, we like to explore pioneering new paths – so back in 2015, we started to develop solutions with the additive manufacturing sector. ​

In wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), an arc of light generates large amounts of heat, creating thermal bridges in the workpiece and face plate. Our material composition and integrated cooling concept safely and reliably discharges this heat, helping to reduce tension in the component. In the subsequent milling process, the large axial-radial bearings and Peiseler clamp provide the tilting and holding moment needed to achieve the very best surface finish.

Diameter of face plates 800 mm​
Bearing load on face plate 1.500 kg
Maximum tilting moment 12.000 Nm
Maximum face plate torque – clamp on 4.600 Nm
Maximum face plate torque – clamp off 2.000 Nm

Engineer the competitive edge.