AWU 1250 used to manufacture turbine shafts

A clamping device comprised of the AWU 1250 with worm gear drive and face plate with integrated jaw boxes for easy workplace centring.

360:1 drive reduction for a maximum face place torque of up to 38,000 for dynamic turbine shaft positioning.

  • Production of steam and gas turbine shafts
  • Integrated into a vertical portal milling machine
  • Workpiece dimensions
  • Length: up to 10,000 mm
  • Diameter: up to 1400 mm
  • Max. weight: 52,000 kg

The milling process is supported by an axial passive hydraulic clamp with 40,000 Nm of holding moment. This provides additional damping capability and adds rigidity to the milling process, lengthening the life of the tools and enhancing the shaft surface.

  • Bearing load per roller block: 26,000 kg
  • Shear force of hold-down device: 46,000 N
  • Ø Clamping range: 295 – 555 mm
  • Manually actuated using crank handle
  • 220 mm wide conical bearing rollers to prevent impressions in the workpiece surface in the area that will become the bearing seat.

Thanks to the trapezoid thread gear reduction, the clamping range and centre height can easily be adjusted and aligned under load, with a part in position.

This makes workpiece handling significantly easier, reducing retooling times by 50% and in turn boosting machine output.

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