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No other industry has a range quite like this one when it comes to the size of the components involved, from small turbine blades to hefty turbine shafts. The Peiseler products range from 80 mm to 2000 mm housing diameters, with additional components such as counter bearings, steady rests and roller blocks also available. Peiseler offers design solutions with these components integrated into multi-axis units or as standalone large trunnion tables. We welcome the design challenge of machining tough materials combined with heavy loads or thin-walled components. We have solved many complex clamping situations using a wide range of automatic clamping systems. 

Application examples

AWU 1250 used to manufacture turbine shafts

Associated industries: Energy industry

A clamping device comprised of the AWU 1250 with worm gear drive and face plate with integrated jaw boxes for easy workplace centring. 360:1 drive reduction for a maximum face place torque of up to 38,000 for dynamic turbine shaft positioning. Production of steam and gas turbine shafts Integrated into a vertical …

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ZASD 200

Associated industries: Energy industry

For the combined turning/milling of turbine blades

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