Round table with preloaded double pinion

The ATR series is comprised of tables driven by preloaded gear wheels. In most cases, the gears are bevel gear sets with other reduction stages connected downstream. The gears are electronically tensioned against each other for backlash-free operation. Their duty cycles are usually higher compared to worm gear drives. In terms of their dynamics, gear drives are classified between worm gear drives and direct drives.

Technical data

Pinion drives
Axial position
Face plate diameter
300 - 1.030 mm
Transport load
800 - 12.000 kg


The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

We offer a number of different design solutions within the ATR series:

  • Tables as pallet receivers with zero-point clamping systems
  • Tables as pallet receivers in accordance with DIN 55201
  • Attachment tables
  • Built-in tables
  • Slide tables
  • Integrated linear x axis
  • Rotary manifolds
  • Absolute measurement systems

Size comparison

ATR 350 ATR 400 ATR 520 ATR 630 ATR 800 ATR 1000
Min. face plate diameter in mm 300 420 520 670 800 1.030
Transport load on face plate in kg 800 1.500 3.000 4.000 6.000 12.000
Bearing diameter in mm 280 x 180 385 x 260 450 x 325 525 x 395 600 x 460 870 x 650
Max. axis tilting moment in Nm 6.600 12.000 16.000 28.000 40.000 60.000
Max. clamp holding moment in Nm 2.800 4.600 5.000 10.000 14.000 27.500

Drive type

Pinion drives

Peiseler offers subdevices with preloaded gear sets with spur or bevel gearing. The available space determines the design; usually a multi-stage solution of one of the two alternatives. Compared to the worm gears, gear drives are more complex due to the multi-stage design. Elimination of backlash is achieved by mechanically or electronically tensioning two drive trains. The high torques, speeds and duty cycles are advantageous. Based on their characteristics, gear drives are classified between worm gears and direct drives.

The benefits for you

  • No cooling required

  • Better dynamics than worm gears, higher torque density than direct drives

  • Combines the technical advantages of worm gears and torque motors

  • Ability to adjust control stability of drive train

  • Backlash-free, so suitable for simultaneous machining

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