Rotary swivel tables with coaxial gearboxes

The ZASG series impresses with its innovative drive concept, which combines a new type of drive train consisting of a torque motor paired with a torsionally stiff and backlash-free coaxial gearbox.  

This results not only in a good price-performance ratio, but also in efficient drivetrain for 5-axis machining of structural components with unique machining technology that delivers convincing performance without exception. 

Technical data

Direct drive Galaxie® drive
Axial position
Face plate diameter
600 mm
Transport load
850 (1.200) kg


The product shown depicts the customer-specific design. Modifications to the shown product are possible and can be requested from us very easily. We would be delighted to give you advice and find a suitable solution together with you.

Special design

 Your advantages of the ZASG series: 

  • A-axis redesigned with economical drive 
  • Compact coaxial gear unit paired with dynamic torque motor 
  • Productivity and economy combined in one drive concept 
  • Reduced power loss ensures lower heat input into the machine bed 
  • Less installation space to the previous ZASD Torque version 
  • C-axis optionally available as turning/milling version 
  • Different faceplate interfaces possible 
  • Our flexibility increases your solution diversity 

The ZASD Family

ZASD 280 ZASD 320 ZASD 320 ZASD 320 ZASG 400 ZASD 400
Ø Faceplate diameter 410 mm 650 mm 520 mm 600 mm 800 mm 800 mm
Load capacity 250 kg 350 kg 500 kg 600 kg 850 kg 850 kg
Swivel range A-axis ± 120 ° ± 110 ° + 140/- 60 ° ± 120 ° ± 130 ° ± 130 °
Unit weight ≈ 700 kg ≈ 900 kg ≈ 550 kg ≈ 680 kg ≈ 1400 kg ≈ 700 kg

A focus on efficiency.
Permanently reduced machine costs.
Generate added value.

Pure drive power.
No more.
No less.

Drive type

Direct drive

Direct drives allow highly dynamic and continuous movement and with this, a constant flow of new machining concepts. Peiseler took the lead in this technology as early as 1997 with the development of the world's first subdevice with a direct drive, just as it did with the first two-axis rotary tilt table with a direct drive in 2001. Today, we are in the technologically leading position to offer you direct drives for turning operations in S1 continuous milling. Increasing machine speed while maintaining bearing rigidity at a level that is also suitable for milling enables us to combine turning and milling applications. This allows Peiseler's development engineers to use machining centres more flexibly. Direct drives use very sensitive control technology and place high demands on energy supply.

The benefits for you

  • Highly dynamic, precise control

  • Speed variability

  • Simultaneous machining, turning and grinding all possible

  • Symmetrical design reduces space requirements

  • Low-maintenance

  • Not susceptible to overload and crashes

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