The AWU trunnion table series with a horizontal (longitudinal) rotary axis and vertical (standing) faceplate are available for machining large workpieces as well as for heavy-duty metal cutting. The drive is realized with a set of worm wheels. On request, we can supply an additional gear belt reducer. The design basis around the largest possible YRT bearing. For the greatest possible rigidity, additional support bearings are available on the rear side of the housing. The cast housing is designed with thick walls and strong ribs. We would be happy to provide our design for your large thru-hole requirements.

Frame sizes: AWU 520 – AWU 630 – AWU 800 – AWU 1000 – AWU 1250 – AWU 1600

AWU 800 C

Within the series, we offer you additional designs:

  • Faceplates with clamping chucks and box jaws in various dimensions
  • Counter bearings and trunnion assemblies
  • Steady rests
  • Roller blocks
  • Set-up of AWU trunnion tables on ATU tables for five-axis machine tools
  • Linear axes as substructure
  • Multi-spindle combinations

Data sheet

You will find all Frame sizes and variations in this data sheet.

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